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"Garbage Collection is Wrong" Explained

My other website, , has been the primary target for my sudden urges to write articles on various things. People keep calling them blog posts (they're not), so I finally decided to make an actual blog. I figured "Eh, I like writing, and it's more comfortable than verbal communication", so why not? The first article I wrote on my site was titled "Garbage Collection is Wrong". Yikes, what was 17-year-old me thinking? It was unintentional flamebait that ended with me having to put in a banner explaining that I didn't really know what I was talking about because I was just a teenager. Well, now I'm 20 and I still regret writing that article. I don't dare erase it, however. Sure, I often edit my forum posts dozens of times after submitting them and occasionally delete them mere seconds afterward (I am pretty impulsive sometimes and quickly regret the things I say), but I'm afraid that deleting the page would generate the wrong respon