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Downgrading to Windows 10 on ARM

Ever since Microsoft made x86-64 emulation exclusive to Windows 11 on ARM, they've been heavily pushing Windows 11 for all devices regardless of architecture. However, Windows 11 removed the ability to see window titles on the taskbar without using 3rd party tools, which is a dealbreaker for me due to the way my mind works while I am working at my PC. Clearly, I'm not the only person with a reason to prefer Windows 10, as I've seen many people online sticking to it as much as they can, including Surface Pro X users who are giving up x86-64 support in favor of Windows 10. As a developer, I need to make sure my software runs on the operating systems people are using, but it's getting more difficult as Microsoft is no longer selling Windows 10 licenses in their store, nor Windows 10 on ARM devices in general. In my previous post I talked about trying Windows 11 on ARM with the Lenovo ThinkPad X13s, and while it runs well, I just can't get past the lack of window titles