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I haven't really studied game design much, but seeing as I want to make games, I figured I had better at least pay attention to the games I play and see what I can learn from their design. I've learned a lot of things about game design and a lot of things about myself - namely, I like puzzle games, and there's a trend in puzzle games that makes them more fun for me. I've recently been playing a lot of Portal. A lot. I've played Portal 1 , Portal 2 , Portal Stories: Mel , Aperture Tag , Rexaura , and many, many  community maps for Portal 2. (Though I have not played anywhere near as much as this guy ). One thing I have noticed consistently is that I enjoy fizzler puzzles - you know, those ones where one or more Aperture Science Material Emancipation Grills play a crucial role in the puzzle? A fizzler in Portal 2, with a nearby cube to show the effect. Fizzlers in Portal 2 allow you to pass through them, but they impose certain limitations. You cannot shoot