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Finally Trying Windows 11 on ARM

I've long enjoyed my Lenovo Miix 630, a Windows 10 on ARM device with a Snapdragon 835. Microsoft decided not to support that CPU for Windows 11 , so I got to keep Windows 10 on it just as I like. However, Microsoft introduced some bug with storport.sys that resulted in it bluescreening at bootup repeatedly, and despite multiple attempts to wipe and reinstall, the issue persisted. I ended up sending it in for out-of-warranty repair, during which time Microsoft fixed the bug of course. While waiting for Lenovo to fix my device, I started getting antsy. While I had the QC710 to keep me company, its Snapdragon 7c processor was far too sluggish for my liking, and I had upgraded it from Windows 10 to Windows 11. Project Volterra is looming on the horizon, but still not out yet (UPDATE 2022-10-24: Project Volterra is released! ). I had been keeping my eye on the new Lenovo ThinkPad X13s for months, watching review videos and reading articles about it. It was quite tantalizing since it s

Project Volterra is NOT the first desktop Windows on ARM device

 Microsoft recently announced Project Volterra, their second desktop Windows on ARM device after the QC710, seen in this video at 12:17: However, a lot of online reporting is falsely claiming this to be Microsoft's first desktop Windows on ARM device. It seems everyone has already forgotten the QC710 , which has still been available for months sold directly from the Microsoft store . Both the QC710 and Project Volterra are aimed at developers, but it seems like Project Volterra is getting a bigger marketing push from Microsoft, so perhaps most tech press just genuinely had not heard of the QC710 before. My time with the QC710 has been fine, though I was unable to upgrade it from Home to Pro until 2022-06-24 and it still hasn't magically acquired hardware virtualization support, but it works well for its purpose of being a desktop WoA device for development and testing. I will probably get Project Volterra too, since it will likely have better specs than the QC710. There's n