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How to build WinDirStat for Windows 10 on ARM

WinDirStat is a 32-bit x86 app, so it can already run through emulation on Windows 10 on ARM. However, it is surprisingly easy to build an ARM-native version of the app. I thought it'd be fun to try, so here's what worked for me. First, you'll need to install Visual Studio. I used Visual Studio 2022 Preview 1.1 for this, but things should work in Visual Studio 2019 as well. Importantly, within Visual Studio Installer, you need to select the Desktop Development with C++ workload, and in the optional components you need to select MFC, specifically for ARM. You can find it by searching for ARM MFC in the Individual components screen. You should install MFC for x86 as well to verify that you can build WinDirStat in its default configuration. Once you have Visual Studio installed, you need to download the WinDirStat source code. When I did it, it was hosted on OSDN as a mercurial repository, so I installed mercurial and cloned the repository. With the source code in hand, all I